Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tickets, Got Yer Tickets?

In one of Al Davis' many press conferences this week, Mr. Davis addressed the current status of ticket sales:

Reporter's Q: Are you satisfied or encouraged about the way ticket sales are going, do you see a substantial increase in season ticket sales this year?

Al's A: "No, I am not encouraged or satisfied .. unless we sell out. If that doesn't answer your question, no. I would like to sell out. Now, I don't know exactly where we are. I would like to sell out. Yeah, certainly. I'd like to do well with the tickets. They do help that other fellow, the owner ... not the football guy. Yeah. I'd like to sell out but 'encouraged'? I don't know what you mean by 'encouraged'."

Q: Do you think it is going better with the Raiders doing the legwork?

A: "Well you are looking for something I am not going to get into with you. I have Mrs. Trask here. She could answer your question very well. We had to take over the sales. Not that you made it sound like we took it over. We had to take it over. There was no way we could have gone out and had this community sell PSLs to the community. It would have been a rebellion. Rather than have that, that was one of the reasons we were willing to take it over."

Yes, I know. Encouraging you all to buy Raider tix is like preaching to the choir....

However, individual game tickets have recently gone on sale. Even if you can't afford season tickets, at least check out a game if you are able to do so. Sell outs mean no blackout dates, which means the folks who are at stuck at home and unable to afford tickets at all can see the Silver'n'Black on the boob tube.

It's all about the Raider Nation, the only Nation in sports.

Game tickets can be purchased here with no more PSLs to muck up your checkbook.


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